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Oct. 11th, 2008

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing
PAIRING: Riku/Sora
NOTES: THIS IS A CROSSOVER AND AN AU OMG LOL [I wont say with what fandom; just look at the tag]
PROMPT/REQUEST: Kayla wanted Riku/Sora and so I wrote some. This is my half of our sorta fic trade. [She actually just said she'd write me something I wanted to write but couldn't, and so I wrote her this in return for the fic she's going to write.]

Sora wasn’t sure where he’d gone wrong. His brother Roxas said it was a prestigious school which valued its students and academic courses above all else. So when he transferred from Destiny Isl. High to Twilight High he expected the large building and the small details on the front door handles. Even the uniform he’d gotten was nicer than his old school uniform. It made him feel almost official, in some way, even if that didn’t really make sense. Not that he was wearing it now. The second semester started in a week, and until then he wasn’t really a student.

So he wandered around the building to get a feel for it and to get used to the place. It was crazy how big it was. It had to be more than a school.

But everything up until this point was going fine, smoothly even. He wasn’t doing anything wrong, he was sure. So when he walked out into the court yard and saw a small wall (… or was it a ledge?) just sitting in the middle of the area he had to investigate.

He saw charcoal left on the ground in a small variety of colours. The next thing that caught his attention was what was on the block in front of him. (Honestly he didn’t know what to call it.) There was some sort of poem on it, pretty but plain. He read part of it; it was some sort of symbolic poem with metaphors. He was never much good with metaphors so he didn’t bother finishing it; it would have been lost on him anyway.

But he did see a picture scrawled on of a sad looking girl, looking up at blank space. Sora realized by this time that like at his school this must be the place students were allowed to graffiti and deface school property. It must have been freshly wiped clean for the new semester, but someone had come by and scribbled on it anyway.

He looked around for a moment, not sure if he was allowed to add anything, as he wasn’t a student quite yet. Seeing no one he picked up the charcoal and began to draw. He drew over her mouth, making her smile. He drew a shooting star into the empty corner for her to be looking. He wasn’t an artist, but he certainly wasn’t bad. He momentarily considered taking an art class.

He was so wrapped up in what he was doing that he didn’t notice the bell ring for classes to change. He was too busy colouring the night sky and adding shading to the girl. And he certainly didn’t notice a pair of footsteps coming towards him until two hands grabbed his shoulder and pulled him back.

“What are you doing?” A girl with rusty red hair asked, looking mortified. Before Sora could answer he caught sight of a girl with blond hair staring at what he’d done, looking as if she could cry.

The red haired girl turned to her, her look softening right away as she put her hands on her shoulders.

“Oh Namine, don’t cry.” She leaned closer, moving one hand to stroke the girl’s cheek. Namine leaned into the touch.

“I’m sorry Kairi, it’s just… all my hard work…” Namine said softly, almost closing her eyes.

“Hush, everything will be alright.” Kairi said, gently pushing a few stray strands of hair behind Namine’s ear.

Sora just watched, not sure what just happened. Before he could slink away the one called Namine turned on him.

“Don’t just sit there. Talk.” Namine said, glaring at him. Her voice still managed to sound rather sweet, but Sora could hear something else in it that sent a bit of a chill down his spine.

“I… I’m a student here, I swear. I just… I haven’t enrolled. Well, I’ve enrolled, but I won’t have classes till next week, and I wasn’t doing anything wrong, swear. I have my enrollment papers if you don’t believe me.” He said, sure that these girls must be student council members upholding the school’s reputation.

“Not that.” Kairi said. Namine pointed to the things he’d drawn as Kairi continued. “That.” She finished, a little more sternly.

“Oh… I didn’t do all of that, someone wrote that stuff and drew part of it, I just added on, I swear.” Great. This wasn’t like at his old school and now he’d get in trouble for defacing school property they so clearly had worked hard to maintain.

“No.” Namine said, sounding frustrated. “My art! You’ve ruined it. We can’t sell this for the fund raiser now.” She said, clearly upset.

Sora sat there quietly, glancing at it out of the corner of his eye. True his lines weren’t as nice as hers, and were a bit messy… but ruined it? That was a bit much.

“You do realized how much what you’ve just destroyed is worth, right?” Kairi asked, sounding calmer but yet a little more frightening.

“…How much?” He asked, not sure if he wanted to know.

“Well, with it being a noble cause and combined with Kairi’s poetry it’d make at least a few thousand munny.” Namine said quietly, still a bit upset but she was no where near as frantic as Sora was now feeling.

“A few thousand munny?” He asked, sure he’d misheard something. He’d have to go home promptly and schedule an appointment to get his hearing checked and—

“Yes, a few thousand.” Both the girls answered in unison.

Sora sat there, gaping at them. He was at a total loss of words.

“Shall we take him back with us?” Kairi asked Namine, not taking her eyes off of Sora.

“Yes, I think so.” Namine said smiling, and it would have looked nice on her if Sora wasn’t terrified at the moment.

The next thing he knew each girl had one of his arms and was dragging him back through the school, up the stairs, and into a room he hadn’t gotten to look at yet. (Although in all fairness he hadn’t gotten a chance to look at any of the rooms up stairs.)

The girls pushed him in once they’d gotten through the doors, shutting them behind them.

“Who is this?” A silver haired teen sitting in a chair asked, raising his eyebrow in curiosity. His eyes wandered over his outfit making Sora squirm a bit.

“This boy drew all over Namine’s art.” Kairi said rather matter-of-factly. The boy sitting in the chair looked at him incredulously.

“And who, pray tell, are you?” He asked, looking Sora right in the eyes.

“I… I’m Sora.” He said meekly, staring back into eyes that were somehow even brighter than his own.

“Ooh, Sora-chan.” A girl said happily, running forward. “What a pretty name.” She said, looking up at him with deep green eyes almost shining in amusement.

“Hey, who said you could call me that?” He asked, looking almost offended.

She ignored him and instead turned to the boy in the chair.

“Can we keep him?” She asked curiously.

“Why yes Selphie, I believe we have no other choice.” The silver haired boy said, grinning.

Namine and Kairi walked past him as he stared at the teen sitting in the chair. He couldn’t have been that much older than him. And who was he to say such things?

“Riku, are you sure this is a good idea?” A brunette girl standing behind his chair asked.

“Of course Olette, how else could he possibly repay his debt? He certainly doesn’t look like he could otherwise afford it.” Riku said smugly.

“Yeah, but…” Namine said, looking at Sora. “He’s not a girl.” Kairi finished.

“That’s no problem.” Riku said grinning, almost evilly, while not taking his eyes off Sora. Before Sora could say anything Riku thrust his hand in the air and snapped

“Fuu, you go grab him a uniform.” Snap. “Olette, ready the hair and makeup station, he’s going to need some work.” Snap. “Kairi, Namine, start spreading the word.”

“The word?” Sora asked aloud quietly. He didn’t know he’d said it till Riku replied.

“Yes. This club has a new hostess.” Riku responded, a glint in his eyes that was definitely not there before.

“Riku, what can I do?” Selphie asked excitedly. He looked at her, a serious expression on his face.

“You can keep Sora here while we prepare. Maybe tell him about trains?” He said, suggesting the first thing that came to mind. Her eyes lit up as she wrapped both her arms around one of Sora’s own and commenced in telling him all about locomotives.


“No! Absolutely not!” Sora yelled from in the dressing room. Riku leaned up against the door impatiently.

“This is the only way to get out of debt, so unless you’d like me to take legal actions I’d suggest you—” Mid sentence Sora opened the door, surprising (and shutting up) Riku. He stumbled forward, putting his arms forward, palms against the wall, to brace himself. And on either side of Sora, he noticed when he looked in front of him.

Sora averted his gaze. His hair was still spiky, but was down, almost like Riku’s. As Riku’s eyes traveled lower he noticed a light gloss on his lips. Olette had done a good job, as he knew she would. He looked lower still, taking in the sigh of the brunette in the girl’s school uniform; a dress.

“It looks good on you.” He said, checking to make sure the uniform fit perfectly. Nothing less would do. Before Sora could try to protest Riku moved one of his hands from the wall and firmly grabbed Sora’s chest.

“Hm. I suppose they’ll pass as real.” Riku said, almost skeptically, as he tried to adjust the padded bra some, not wanting Sora to look anything less than believably good.

“Wha- what do you think you’re doing?” Sora asked, oddly embarrassed of the inspecting grope of parts that weren’t even his nor real.

“Well, I need to make sure you’re passable as a girl. I’ve never had to do this before because they’re obviously all believable, but I don’t want you to tarnish our image.” Riku said, managing to sound almost sweet. It was rather disturbing for Sora.

“Whatever, I’m not staying here.” He said pushing past Riku. Riku stared after him, just now noticing the ribbon in his hair and the dainty bow it was tied in upon the top of his head.

Riku suddenly wrapped his arms around Sora’s side, making him freeze up.

“You’re so…” Riku began, whispering into Sora’s ear, his mouth being much too close to him as well as his body being too close in general and— “adorable.” He finished, snapping Sora back to reality.

“Is this why you’re doing this? For some sick fetish of yours?” Sora asked, pushing out of his grip, or at least he tried to, with a look of horror on his face.

Riku backed up a bit but kept his arms firmly in place.

“Of course not! I’m doing this solely for this club and therefore by extension this school! I’m horrified… nay, hurt you could imply such a thing.” He said, a bit too dramatically (and probably sarcastically, but Sora was never all that good at reading people like that) for his tastes. Riku’s arms finally left Sora’s body and as he turned to say something else he saw Riku walk off to sulk in one of the chairs in the changing room lobby. Sora could have changed his clothes and walked away right then, but just as he was about to he sighed and walked back over to Riku.

“Listen, I’m sorry, okay?” Sora said with a heavy sigh. Riku glared at him lightly.

“No you aren’t.” He said, sounding suddenly serious.

“No, really, I shouldn’t have said it.” Sora said, sounding a bit more sincere.

Riku didn’t say a word. After a moment of silence Sora sat down next to him.

“Can you forgive me?” He asked, looking at Riku; who wasn’t looking back. A pause.

“Well… since you asked so nicely…” Riku said, and in one swift movement he was leaning out of his chair, an arm around Sora’s shoulders. Sora blinked, wondering if Riku had split personalities or was just a sly bastard when he wanted to be.

Riku leaned forward, kissing Sora ever so lightly, and if Sora hadn’t seen it with his own eyes he’d have been sure he’d imagined it.

“You start your training to be a hostess tomorrow, don’t be late.” Riku said pleasantly, getting up and walking away.

Yeah, definitely the latter, Sora decided.

Sorry if I fucked up Ouran High School Host Club; I've only seen a few episodes. @_@ She really wanted an OHSHC fic originally but since I don't know the characters well enough I couldn't write it, so I did the next best thing. She liked it, but idk if anyone else will. xD

P.S. Midgar what?