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kiriakurei_fics's Journal

Kiri Akurei's writing [fanfiction and more]
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This is a community for me to post my fanfiction and other similar writings.

Hello! This is where I post my various fanfictions, both finished, WIPs, and original work. Feel free to comment and tell me of any grammatical errors I may have over looked [in fact, please do.] because I tend to miss the smallest, most obvious mistakes ever. xD

Don't be afraid to critique me! I love and appreciate any and all advice, help, suggestions, corrections, and critique. ♥ Thanks!

Feel free to join, but I am the only one who can post.

All smutty/mature/R-rated/etc fics here are members only.

This community isn't marked as mature as not everything I write is smutty, so please refrain from reading my explicit work if you aren't old enough to do so or I'll have to make the community mature if LJ has problems with it, which isn't fair to my totally innocent writing. Thanks~ ♥