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DISCLAIMER: I own nothing
CHARACTERS & PAIRING: Canada, America, & Russia
NOTES: My bb and I were joking and this idea came up, so I wrote a fic about it. xD

When Canada goes outside that morning, he can't help but notice his car is missing.

America urges him to report it to the authorities, but Canada insists it's fine. When he tells his brother he knows whose stolen it America tells him to press charges. Canada shakes his head, again insisting that it's fine and he can sort it out himself.

The next day, when his car is still missing he decides to go visit Russia and get his car back.


After awhile of walking he's at Russia's house, and sure enough he sees his car parked outside. He'd get in and drive off with it, but that didn't work last time and he's sure it won't change unless he actually talks to Russia. So he walks up to the house and knocks, waiting.

Russia opens it, looking at him oddly for a moment.

"Canada." He tells him, Russia's face lighting up with recognition when he does.

"Ah, Matthew, come in." He tells him pleasantly, stepping away from the door to let him in.

So Canada walks in, the warm air feeling refreshingly nice, and Russia shuts the door behind him.

"What brings you over today?" Russia asks him, smiling a little; happy to have company. Canada sighs; he's not sure if this is some ploy of his or if Russia really doesn't know why he's there.

"I came to get my car back." He says, getting right to the point. The less he plays around with Russia the better.

"Oh. You need it?" Russia asks, looking at him as if he's contemplating something or another.

"Well, yes. It is mine after all..." Canada says, Russia somehow making him feel as if he should explain himself.

"Hn, yes it is..." Russia agrees with him, avoiding the issue of the matter entirely.

"Well, could you, eh, perhaps not keep stealing it, then?" Canada asks, feeling more nervous than he'd thought he would. Even though they aren't on bad terms, per se (you could perhaps even say they were friends, really), he still tended to get an unpleasant feeling of intimidation from the other man from time to time.

Russia paused, looking down to the ground in thought. He looked up at Canada after a moment, looking as thought he were offended. "But, Matthew... yours already has snow chains on the tires."

Canada just stared at him for a moment. Was he serious? "...But, Ivan, it's still my car. You can't just take it whenever you want to."

"Then when can I?" He asked, seeming genuinely curious.

"Y-you just can't." Canada said, not sure what else he could say to him at this point.

Russia pouted slightly, clearly not happy with the answer. "Hn, but friend, how am I to get around then?"

Oh god. He was calling him friend now. This, Canada knew from experience, was never a good sign. It led to guilt trips and thinly veiled threats. Mainly the latter. Canada fidgeted where he stood, Russia calmly staring at him squirm; now grinning ever so slightly all the while.

"I really should be on my way--" Canada started, cut off by the sudden presence of Russia much closer to him. Far too close to him. "...Ivan?"

"You still have not answered my question, friend." He said quietly, and suddenly Canada couldn't help but notice how tall he was compared to himself.

"Could we talk about this another time?" He adjusted the position of his glasses, although they really didn't need it. "I really should be going..." When Russia didn't move Canada looked up at him. "Another time, eh?" He asked hopefully.

Russia smiled widely, taking a few steps back. "Yes, of course. I'd hate for you to be late for where it ever it is you need to be going to."

Canada walked past him, walking over to the door, feeling quite relieved for the moment. At least now he had time to think of how to handle the situation. Just as his hand was on the door knob to open it, he felt Russia's hand on his shoulder. He looked over his shoulder at him, hand still on the knob.

"Drive safely, Matthew." Russia said, still smiling at him. Canada nodded wordlessly and made his way out the door, taking his keys out of his pocket and getting in his car.


America flopped down on the couch next to him. After listening to the situation, he just shrugs, looking over at his brother. "Can't you just lock your car?" And Canada agrees that it might work, as Russia simply sees it as borrowing, and while he's not sure if he wants to risk having his window smashed in with Russia's pipe, he figures that in the cold of Russia not having a car is just as bad as having a car with a missing window, and that for once America might have a good idea.

America simply throws an arm around him and informs him that "well of course it's a good idea! I thought of it, didn't I?" and Canada can only shake his head a little and try not to respond to that.

So Canada goes home that night and locks his car on the way in.

He's pleasantly surprised to find it's still there in the morning.

...I've just noticed that every fic I've written and finished for Hetalia so far has America in it. Hm.