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Hetalia - Fourth of July

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing
PAIRING: ...none. xD
NOTES: They were both born on the fourth of July. My brain then made this. Enjoy.
PROMPT/REQUEST: Enjoy Sora! You encouraged me to go forward with the idea so this is for you. ^3^

“…ni shibarareta specialist~”

Japan looked up abruptly upon hearing those kinds of words, being sung no less.

“Nagai tsume wo taterareta boku,” America continued absentmindedly as he gathered his things. A world meeting had just been adjourned (and accomplished about as much as any other meeting) and Japan had decided to stay after and help. He never expected to hear someone speak, let alone sing, those words… to him? America wasn’t looking at him, but he was the only one there. Was he singing to himself? About that?

“Ai wo tashikametai egoist, kimi no oku made tadoritsukitai.” America continued, not really loud but certainly loud enough to make Japan freeze up and just stare at him, mouth slightly agape. He started to drown out America’s voice with all the thoughts buzzing in his head.

“—in your hands, Japan?”

Japan suddenly realized America was now standing next to him and was saying something about… his hands?

“I… ah… uwhaa, what was that, America-san…?”

“I asked if you could hand me those papers in your hands.” America said happily as if he weren’t just talking about nails scraping and struggling until—

“O- oh, of course.” He answered, shaking himself away from his bewilderment and handed him the documents he had been straightening.

“Thanks!” America said, turning away and going back to the podium to put the papers away with other documents that had been brought for the meeting. Japan dully noted in the back of his mind that for a group of nations that were so well prepared, they had a hard time agreeing on issues and didn't accomplish as much as they probably should in one sitting.

It was a good thought to distract himself with, it gave him enough to think of, until America started singing again.

“Kimi no kao ga toozakaru… Ah boku ga boku de naku naru mae ni.” America sang, probably to himself now Japan noted and… oh god.

Japan probably wouldn’t have thought anything of it otherwise, or even have noticed it in the first place, but as it was he couldn’t help but to notice the slight way America swayed his hips to the tune.

“Ai shitemo ii kai? Yureru yoru ni, aru ga mama de ii yo motto fukaku~”

It wasn’t even that he was attracted to America. He’d never though of the nation like that, but his face couldn't help but flush at that. At the things he was so casually saying…

“Kuruoshii kurai ni nareta kuchibiru ga. Toke au hodo ni...” He continued, oblivious to Japan’s flustered and reddening form still sitting at the large table.

“Ah… uh, Amer…” Japan started meekly, swallowing hard and trying to clear his mind to figure out what he'd say to him.

“Boku wa... kimi no... vanilla.” America continued with a dramatic sigh worked into the last word.

“Ah, America-san!” Japan said abruptly, almost jumping up from his seat, eyeing America nervously with knitted brows.

“Yeah Japan?” He asked, not quite sure what the problem was.

“What are you, um—” Japan started, looking away. How could he look at him while talking about the things America was just singing about?

“Whoa, Japan, are you alright? You look worse than me after I’ve watched a scary movie all alone.” America said, cutting Japan of and tilting his head to look at Japan.

“I’m fine, fine. But… America-san… what was it… just now… you were…” Japan tried to think of the least awkward way he could possibly ask; to little avail.

America looked at him, trying to figure out what it was Japan was trying to tell him.

“That song you were just singing… wh, what was… why…” Japan managed to mumble out before America saved him the trouble of asking anything more.

“Oh, that? It’s this song by some guy who was born on my birthday; the day of freedom and justice for America! So even if it's in Japanese it has to be good, right?” America replied jubilantly.

Was… was he serious? Japan just looked at him, not so much embarrassed for himself (not to say he wasn't still at all, because he very much was) as much as he was for America. Until he realized that he couldn’t just let America run off singing… that, around who knows who else.

America took Japan’s silence as his cue to keep talking. “You haven’t heard of it? I’m surprised, it is in your language after all. I mean, it has some American in it too, which proves how awesome it is, but still, I’d have thought you’d know it too.”

“I, I don’t know that song. Trust me; it is not something I have heard of.” Japan said almost too quickly. After a pause, “America-san… do you know what the song, uh, means?” He asked, afraid of being asked for the meaning but feeling responsible now to stop him from continuing as he was.

“Well, not the Japanese parts of course, I only really pay attention to the American parts, but it talks about being a moralist and being cool, so I can’t think of any reason to bother learning what the rest means. It’s quite obviously a patriotic and humble song.” America said simply, as if he had any idea what he was talking about.

“Ri… right. But, uh…” Japan was grasping at straws to think of a way to make him stop singing about those sorts of things without getting in the awkward situation of explaining why. “A- are you sure that you, America-san, should be singing a song of another nation’s dialect?” He tried carefully, not sure if he was pushing him in the right direction or not. “It doesn’t seem like your patriotic self, if I may say...” Japan had begun to compose himself more, calming down a bit. Surely America of all nations would never want to do anything at all unpatriotic.

America laughed a bit. “Don’t be silly Japan.” He said over his shoulder as he walked back to the podium to collect his things. “America is the world’s mixing pot! We accept anyone from all nations as long as they too can love The U.S. of A.!” He said, proudly as Japan paled and started grasping for straws again. He was about to interject when America continued.

“Why, if anything, the Japanese should know that we accept them with open arms and embrace their language.” America told him as he held his things, ready to leave. “Even if it’s not quite as nice as the American language...” He added as an after though.

Oh god. Japan could only imagine what would happen if America welcomed the Japanese into the country with that song. He couldn't find his words as America started walking towards the door.

“Well, I should be heading off now. Lock up before you leave, alright Japan?” He asked, still as cheerful as he had been the whole time while Japan only got more worried by the second.

And before he could say another word America had walked away and shut the door behind him, leaving Japan in slight horror.


“Germanyyyy!” Italy complained at his side. “I don’t want to train today! We should go get some pizza instead; it’ll be siesta soon!”

Germany ignored the Italian, he’d gotten rather good at doing so, as he continued to walk by his side and try to make up reasons to get out of training. Again.

America walked by, singing to himself under his breath merrily.

Germany caught part of what he was singing as he passed, but didn’t think much of it.

“…kurai ni nureta kuchibiru ga, kotoba nante mou…”

Until his mind backtracked and he took a moment to figure out what those words meant.

“But Germany, I can’t miss siesta!” Italy continued, completely oblivious of America's presence. “Besides, wursts are gross, you need to try a good Italian styled—”

Germany stopped walking abruptly.

“Wait, what!” Germany whipped around, making Italy jump back.

“Aaaah, I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry!” Italy wailed, cowering a bit. “I just don’t know how you can eat those things and I thought you might like to try something else and please don’t hurt me or make me do extra training Germany! I’m sorryyyy!”

But Germany wasn’t even listening to him as he looked down the hallway where America was, turning a corner and walking off as if nothing at all inappropriate had just happened.


Koi ni shibarareta specialist
Nagai tsume wo taterareta boku
Ai wo tashikametai egoist
Kimi no oku made tadoritsukitai

A specialist bound in romance,
Long fingernails got me erect.
An egoist who wants to confirm love,
I want to struggle until I'm deep inside you.


Ai shitemo ii kai? yureru yoru ni
Aru ga mama de ii yo motto fukaku
Kuruoshii kurai ni nareta kuchibiru ga
Toke au hodo ni
Boku wa...kimi no...vanilla

Would it be ok to love, too, in this gyrating night?
Just like this... Harder, deeper...
As lips that are insanely familiar with the act, melt with each other
I am... your... Vanilla


Ai shitemo ii kai? yureru yoru ni
Aru ga mama de ii yo motto hayaku
Kurushii kurai ni nureta kuchibiru ga
Kotoba nante mou
Kimi to boku not burning love

Would it be ok to love, too, in this gyrating night?
Just like this... Harder, faster,
Painfully familiar wet lips, don't need words...
You and I are not burning love.


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Mar. 3rd, 2009 05:38 am (UTC)
Lulz, that was amazing <3
Mar. 3rd, 2009 05:58 am (UTC)
Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :) It was too fun of an idea to resist writing. xD
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