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Kingdom Hearts - Trust


Anyway... it's a good thing I have random unposted drabbles and a Mar/Zex happens to be one of them.

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing
NOTES: Erm, this is one of those ideas that will NOT leave you the fuck alone until you write it, so that's why I wrote it. I had to. ._.

“Come on, don’t you trust me?” Marluxia asked; his voice as soft as velvet and dripping with deception. Zexion merely rolled his eyes. He really couldn’t answer that sort of question. At least, he’d have preferred not to. Marluxia had done nothing wrong yet, and while he was still a rather new member he gave Zexion no reason to not trust him, so logically and by default, Zexion could trust him. The very idea of being able to trust but not feel was rather unnerving for the superior member.

So Zexion opened his coat and laid down on the ground. He could feel the lush grass beneath the coat, it almost made it comfortable. Zexion thought for a moment how nice it was that he could still feel in the literal sense, because even if his ability to feel in the emotional sense had been stripped away he could still be thankful for the small pleasures in life until he regained his heart.

At least, until the sharp pain he was expecting stung his hip. He cast a glare at Marluxia, as if it might help somehow. But Marluxia just grinned because he knew there was no way Zexion was mad and he was just reacting how one should react when being carelessly hurt.

“I told you it would hurt.” Marluxia said, remorse lacing his voice in a way that was all too convincing for Zexion and made him lay his head back down and not say another word. He wasn’t even sure if he liked Marluxia so much as he couldn’t figure him out. No, that was silly, of course he didn’t like Marluxia; he couldn’t, because it just wasn’t possible. He intrigued him though, that was for sure. Something about him made him want to put up with him and figure him out. If that meant playing his silly little games, then so be it.

Marluxia leaned back down above Zexion’s pelvis to continue his work. Zexion closed his eyes and thought about other things to distract him from the pain. Like if Xemnas had any idea Marluxia had managed to turn one of the older, run down buildings in The World That Never Was into his own little garden, or how Marluxia even managed such a feat. There were many things about Marluxia that Zexion wanted to know more about, but his mind was feeling a little numb and he wasn’t in the best situation for anything close to philosophical thoughts.

“Do you have to cut so deep?” He asked after awhile, the pain starting to get to him.

“Of course, otherwise it won’t be deep enough to stay and this would be a waste of both our time and my effort. And you don’t want me to have to do this all over again, do you?” Marluxia asked, and Zexion almost thought it sounded like a warning, but brushed it off. It wasn’t the first time he’d heard Marluxia talk like that and so far he’d never done anything outlandish, so he didn’t dwell on it.

Marluxia rubbed his fingers against the lines of opened skin, pushing coal dust as deep into the thin gashes as he could. It was a long and rather tedious process, he was realizing now. Wiping the blood away, continuing the carvings, making sure the coal dust got in.

Blood and coal dust was a very odd combination of smells, Zexion discovered. They clashed and were rather unpleasant. Nothing so far had been pleasant and as he was beginning to wonder why he’d let Marluxia do this to him he heard the other man shift. Zexion opened his eyes a bit, peeking out at Marluxia to find him sitting up, his gloves off and sleeves rolled up. He had blood and coal dust all over his hands and Zexion noticed by the way he sat up that his back must have been sore. Not that that was all that surprising, really. But he was smiling. Now Zexion remembered why he’d agreed to let Marluxia ‘ink him’; as he’d called it (even though Zexion had pointed out that he wasn’t using actual ink. Marluxia had just told him to be quiet unless Zexion wanted to find him some real ink, which he didn’t). Because Marluxia was a controlling man and Zexion was willing to play along with him and let him think he was in control. As far as either of them were concerned the other was doing exactly what they wanted in this game of theirs. At this point though it was hard for either of them to see who was really winning and who exactly was really in control.

Zexion sat up some as Marluxia cleaned up the skin a bit and readied the bandages. Zexion laughed for a moment despite himself.

“A rose?” He asked, even if it barely sounded much like a question.

“Of course.” The other replied, putting the bandages on just gently enough not to hurt, but not gentle enough for the action to have any hidden meaning behind it. Marluxia made sure of that.

“I should have expected as much.” Zexion responded quietly, and for a moment things were nice. It’s awkward. All they’ve had are illusions of trust and thinly veiled intentions and something genuinely nice and calming and maybe even sweet makes them both more than a bit tense. Marluxia is no longer smiling and Zexion can’t figure out where to look.

“You aren’t much of an artist though, are you?” Zexion asked, effectively shattering the feel of the moment and bringing things back to familiar territory. Marluxia pats the bandages too hard, much too hard for such sensitive skin, and he’s smiling again and Zexion's looking at him coldly, right in the eyes, and things are okay again.

It’s not perfect, and it’s not even normal, but they like the trust they have with one another. It’s the only thing they really have together worth liking. And as Zexion gets up, leaving his coat open to keep pressure off his hip, with Marluxia scrambling to his feel to follow and tease him about how he’s handling the pain, everything is alright for the moment, and it’s not awkward for once.

Sorry if the ending is too sappy or cliche or something for them, sappy sweet things are my not-so-secret guilty pleasure. :x

P.S. omg, I just found my old fic about Marluxia joining the Org. I might finish it. I dunno. *flop*