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Kingdom Hearts - Indecent Exposure

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing.
RATING: PG/PG-13, but if you have a dirty mind then it might be more of an R... it all depends on your point of view, since it's rather vague.
PAIRING: Anti-Sora x Namine
NOTES: I don't know where this came from, but in the right mind set it fits the prompt.
PROMPT/REQUEST: 15pairings - THEME SET 1 - 10. indecent exposure

He’s darker than any crayon in her box. He almost makes them seem caring. Almost makes her think that, maybe, Demyx is right and they do have hearts, because there is no way he has one.

And yet his dark tendrils snake around her and she can feel it; she can almost hear it, beating within him. It’s caged up, ready to burst forth, and he depends solely on it. He lacks everything she has, and she lacks the one thing he possesses. She wonders how he got in, her mind whirling and wondering why something seemed so damn familiar as she’s pressed against the floor, that heart beat ringing in her ears as if it were her own.

She can nearly feel his wispy hands slide down her arms, his eyes burning into her in a shade of yellow she could never quite master had she ever tried. It was as if she had been living in a black and white movie against the dark black coats and pure white walls, only to finally discover what color really looked like.

She lifted an arm, threading fingers through the dark blue-brown of his hair, almost as if she could hold it. She didn’t dare though. She didn’t need to. An artist doesn’t need to touch, only to see.

His hands snaked down her side, feeling a solid form and maybe imagining what it must be like, if only he had more then a heart. She looked over the blue patterns and shapes on his clothes, burning them into her vision as well as she could. He’s moving constantly, and if not for her breathing Namine wouldn’t be moving at all. Her hand falls back down, the contrast of peach leaving navy, and then he’s gone.

She opens her eyes, or maybe they were already open and she’s only now realizing, only now really seeing. She sits up, dress wrinkled and paper everywhere.

She got up, not thinking of what she was sure maybe just happened probably. She sat down at her table and searched for her black crayon, breaking it. She seized the white next, snapping it in half. Pushing the pieces aside she picked up another crayon, fresh and new, never before used, and drew in color.

The 'indecent exposure' is Namine being exposed to what a pure, uncontrolled heart is like [a heartless, which anti-Sora pretty much is, in a sense] but I realized after writing that if you really read into it it comes across as more than just something she shouldn't be in contact with, but hints a bit at rape. That was not my intention at all, so while I could have changed it I figured I never said that's what happened and making it any more blatant would make it lose it's slightly vague and maybe even mysterious air, so I left it alone. So while I didn't mean for it to be really perverted I'm sure some people will get that impression, thus I thought it warranted a warning, but since it's not meant in that way at all it isn't members only.

I just wanted to explain that. ♥


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Sep. 15th, 2008 11:33 am (UTC)
ILU. <3
My recent obsession with Namine is being fed. >3
Sep. 15th, 2008 05:22 pm (UTC)
ILU2 ♥

Well then you should totally write some crack pairing fics with her. Like Alice/Namine. Or you know, whatever. I need to stop blatantly telling you want to write. xD
I'm currently in a small obsessive Klavier Gavin mood. I cannot read enough with him. Hell, as soon as I stop being lazy and finish Apollo Justice [only one case left! xD;] I might write something, because no matter how much Klavier the fandom writes it is not enough. You just can't have too much of him.

But if any more Namine inspiration hits me in the face I'll be sure to write it. [Even if the plot bunny gnawing at me most right now is a Marluxia/Zexion... and a Axel/Cissnei, which I've already gotten three pages of.]
Oct. 11th, 2008 06:40 am (UTC)
HOLY. CRAP THAT WAS AMAZING. I... I would say more, but it's almost 3 in the morning where I am.

Mem'd! :D
Oct. 13th, 2008 05:59 am (UTC)
Thank you! I'm glad someone enjoyed it outside my silly group of friends. xD

asdfjkl; how neat, I don't think my fics have been mem'd before. c:
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