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Kingdom Heart - Arranged marriages

SERIES: Kingdom Hearts
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing.
PAIRING: SoRiKai and a bit of SoKai and RiKai.
NOTES: This is pre-KH1, so I hope I managed to make them seem like kids. I suck at writing little kids. eep.
PROMPT/REQUEST: notagain_again - TABLE 2 - #3. Arranged marriages

Kairi crossed her arms, clearly annoyed. She didn’t often act so obvious, but the boys still seemed to not notice and she was running out of options.

“But Riku, I’m the Knight! I save the Princess, I have to end up with her!” Sora protested, dropping his wooden sword to the ground.

“But I’m the Guardian! I’ve been watching over the Princess all her life, it’s only natural me and her stay together!” Riku protested.

By this point Kairi accepted that when they played, she was the princess. And Sora had always grabbed his wooden sword, ready to be the hero. And Riku didn’t seem to mind being the protector, but after awhile Kairi got tired of the argument they always had. She was going to end this.

“Don’t I have a say in this?” She asked impatiently. Both boys froze, almost as if they had forgotten she was there, sitting on the bent tree trunk, waiting to be ‘saved’.

“But Kairi, the Princess ends up with her one true love, she has to, that’s how all the stories go…” Sora stated, as if it was some unspoken rule.

“You afraid the Princess won’t pick the Knight if she has a choice?” Riku asked, already smug for his age.

“No!” Sora responded automatically, and just like that they were trying to prove who was so obviously right.

“Can’t I pick both of you?” Kairi asked, grabbing their attention.

“Both of us?” Riku asked, the idea sounding completely foreign to him.

“Yeah… I mean, does a Princess have to choose? Why can’t she have the brave Knight that rescued her and the loyal Guardian who was always there for her?” Kairi asked, too innocent to think of anything that could possibly be wrong about wanting them both.

“But Kairi, that’s not fair to the Knight and the Guardian!” Sora protested. Riku nodded in agreement. Kairi paused for a moment, thinking over the dilemma. She then stood up to explain the solution she’d thought of.

“What if I share you two?” She asked, looking at them hopefully. “I mean, we could all be together, that way none of us would get left out.” She said after receiving an odd look from Riku and a blank stare from Sora. She took one of their hands in each of her own.

“I guess that could work…” Sora said, mulling over the idea.

“Sounds fine to me.” Riku said, shrugging.

“Then it’s settled?” Kairi asked happily, hopeful that they could now continue to play in peace.

“Sure!” Sora said happily, deciding for them all. “But I still get to be the hero!” He added. To which Riku challenged.

Kairi simply let go of their hands and sat back down. If it wasn’t one thing it was another. She played with her necklace idly as she watched them playfully argue over who the real hero was. It wasn’t so annoying this time as it was oddly endearing.