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Kingdom Hearts - Separation Anxiety

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing.
PAIRING: Roxas x Demyx
NOTES: I don't even really ship them that much, but this was so fun to write. ♥
PROMPT/REQUEST: 15pairings - THEME SET 3 - 3. separation anxiety
Also my half of a fic trade with Kayla. Did I mention I love fic trading? Because I do.

Roxas felt silly as he walked down the hallway and lightly tapped on IX’s door. This was stupid and he knew it. He was ready to turn around and go back to his room when the door opened.

“Roxas? It’s late, what are you doing up?” Demyx asked, squinting down at the younger Nobody, his eyes still adjusting to the darkness.

“I just,” Roxas paused. “I can’t sleep.” He said finally, not quite looking Demyx in the eyes.

“Come on in!” Demyx said, wiping the sleep from his eyes and moving away from the door. Roxas walked in, shutting the door behind him and joining Demyx sitting on the bed.

“So, what’s wrong? Or are you just not tired?” Demyx asked, turning on the small lamp to the side of the bed.

“Nothing is wrong, Demyx. I’d need a heart for that, remember?” Roxas said, blinking a few times at the sudden light. Demyx simply frowned. Roxas never berated him like that when Demyx went on about hearts, so he knew he had to be right.

“Do you miss Axel?” Demyx asked. Somehow he always seemed to be able to hit the nail right on the head.

Roxas then focused intently on the threading in Demyx’s comforter, preferring that over looking at the other Nobody.

“Come here.” Demyx said, almost gently, as he pulled Roxas forward and into his lap before continuing.

“I know it’s not easy, he’s been gone for a long time. I know I’d get lonely if Xigbar had gone to Castle Oblivion.” Roxas put his hands on Demyx’s arms. He hadn’t realized how much he missed being close to someone like this. Demyx absentmindedly played with a bit of Roxas’ hair as he continued.

“But I’m sure he’ll come home safely. I mean, we’re Organization XIII, we always win.” Roxas smiled a bit at that, closing his eyes and relaxing. Demyx could be calming when he wanted to be, and it was also rather soothing, even if Roxas didn’t think he could admit that.

“I mean, it’s been so long that I’m sure no matter what it is they’re doing there that they’ll all be home soon and we can get our hearts back.” Demyx finished, confidently.

“I thought you said we already have hearts, Demyx.” Roxas replied, as playfully as he could with sleep tugging at him.

“You’re completely right! And I’m glad you agree.” Demyx said, and Roxas could practically hear him smile. Demyx gave him a small squeeze. “Really though, he’ll be home soon, I promise.”

Roxas struggled to stay awake.

“How can you be sure he will, Demyx? You can’t make a promise you can’t keep.” Roxas replied; worry slipping into his voice accidently.

“Then I’ll just have to make sure he comes home safely, won’t I?” Demyx responded quietly.

Roxas was vaguely aware of Demyx’s head resting on top of his as his arm moved away. Then the light disappeared and Demys’s arm returned to where it was a moment ago, holding Roxas, and Roxas can finally sleep.