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Kingdom Hearts - Outside influence

SERIES: Kingdom Hearts
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing.
PAIRING: None, but if you squint reeeeeally hard you'll see SoRiKai
NOTES: If you know what video/song I'm referencing to then you get +5 points.
PROMPT/REQUEST: notagain_again - TABLE 2 - #19. [Outside influence] made them do it

Riku hesitated. Nothing that Sora suggested when he had that look in his eyes ever turned out good for the older boy. Sora always had some silly or odd idea, and even years and worlds later that hadn’t changed, even if everything else had.

So, while it didn’t sound that bad at the time Riku knew that, in hind sight, trusting Sora after being away from computers and television for so long was a bad idea. He was still a little kid at heart. And at this point, as Sora had Riku in his room with the door shut and a video loading Riku almost wished he were like any other normal teen and that he did normal teen things. Not… this.

But in the end Sora was completely immersed with all of the silly internet fads and recent television reality shows and Riku was helpless to Sora when he looked at him like that.

So Riku stood up, rolling his eyes and agreeing to try it. But Riku reassured Sora that doing it alone would look just as stupid as doing it with him.

So Sora started the video, as unfazed as ever as numbingly cheerful music blasted from the speakers.

“Come on, Riku; put your arms up like this!” Sora said, pulling Riku’s arms above his head, much to Riku’s dismay.

Riku closed and opened his hands, clearly lacking the pep that Sora had, as well as—

“No, Riku. You need to sway your hips more, come on, it’s fun!” Sora told him happily, grabbing Riku’s hips by the belt loops and pulling them back and forth in time with the music.

After Sora let go and Riku gave it a chance he looked over at Sora, wriggling with the pathetic excuse of a dance and smiling despite how completely stupid the whole situation was. Because it really was; and Riku knew it, but it didn’t take long for Riku to smile too and lose himself in the moment. They looked like idiots and they were being dorks and it was more of a rhythmic spasm than a dance and damn it, Sora was right after all, it was fun. Maybe the fact that Sora was being exposed to so many common yet unusual things wasn’t so bad.

Well, until the video was over and they heard someone speak from the open doorway, that is.

“That’s a bit too gay, even for you two, don’t you think?” Kairi asked sarcastically, grinning at them.

“How long were you—?” Riku started, not even having heard the door open. He was cut off by Sora.

“Hah, you’d have fun if you tried it Kairi!” Sora said simply, and Kairi only giggled.

“You’re right, I probably would.” She admitted as Sora joined her laughing about the situation.

Riku didn’t have such grace in the matter, or maybe he just had too much pride. He just stood there, telling himself that he should have known better, only to come to the realization that he had known better and it didn’t change a thing.

So he hesitantly just joined in, laughing over the situation (“God Sora, you looked like such a dork…”) with them. Because while he regretted giving into Sora’s recent influences (“I dunno Riku, you should have seen yourself.”) he realized that they weren’t all that bad.

The dance they're doing is Caramelldansen, if you didn't get that already then no points for you.