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Kingdom Hearts - Star Gazing

SERIES: Kingdom Hearts
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing.
PAIRING: Sora x Kairi
NOTES: Not my OT3 but oh well. I had to do this pairing for the prompt. ♥
PROMPT/REQUEST: 15pairings - THEME SET 3 - 13. star gazing

Kairi liked to star gaze at night. While Selphie would tug at her hand and tell her that now they’re teenagers, and they don’t have to look at the stars, they can go out and have fun and their curfew is gone and they’re free, Kairi would simply turn her offer down. She might have liked to go out, have fun and have sleepovers and worry about homework the next morning before school, but she needed to be on the beach, looking at the stars and the island that no one ever went to any more. She couldn’t explain why she had such a drive to watch the stars, but she just did.

So when Selphie told her Tidus was hoping she’d tag along for once when they went to see a movie that night, she turned her offer down again. She had felt almost guilty at the idea. Sure, it wasn’t obvious but the girls had decided the rumors were true, Tidus liked Kairi. All the taunting from their childhood was true. And, sure, he was a nice guy. Sincere and funny. She didn’t have a reason to not give him a chance; they were all growing up and boys no longer had cooties, so it was all fair game. And she would have gone, but that night as she looked at the stars she knew she made the right choice. She didn’t know who she was watching out for, she wasn’t even sure she was waiting for someone, but she knew she’d wait as long as she had to.

And one night she could almost swear she saw his face in the stars, but she convinced herself she was imagining things. How could she see him if she didn’t know his face? Besides, the faces of boys you’re waiting for that might not exist certainly don’t exist in the stars. It’s just not possible, she told herself.

Still, when she looked up and saw all the stars as they always were it was comforting, almost as if it was a sign he was out there, doing his job and making his way home.

She got up and dusted the sand off herself. She knew she was going crazy now, the stars couldn’t mean all that.