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Writing prompts and table things~

OMG, I am so totally doing this, I swear. From pyramid_dares AND I'm being cheap and using a drabble I've already done for one of them. SCORE.

L1 Phone call
L2 Under the Moon Sands of Time
L3 Karaoke Silence Rumours
L4 Young Spirit Masquerade Your Choice Rain
L5 Torment Glasses Q.E.D. X marks the spot Sin
L6 Dolls Home Turtle Masturbation Holy Electricity
L7 Haunted Anti-hero Pictures of the past Elevator Sushi Fireplace Dropping the soap
L8 Willpower Park Wheel of fortune First Kiss Confession Pyramids Chocolate Country man
L9 Vendetta Castle Foreign language Tool Secret

The meaning of life

Looking up to you River Disco
L10 Your Choice The four seasons Culture Wrong assumption Challenge Spit into the face Computer troubles Numbers Haircut Second chance


From kingdom100; theme: Hetalia

001.Heart 002.Key 003.Secret 004.Love 005.Hate
006.Water 007.Sky 008.Young 009.Old 010.Beginning
011.End 012.Promise 013.Sacrifice 014.Stars 015.Sexuality
016.Time 017.Friend 018.Enemy 019.Adventure 020.Fantasy
021.Colour 022.Family 023.Sunset 024.Questions 025.Choices
026.Violence 027.Fear 028.Fire 029.Bad 030.Good
031.Art 032.Satisfaction 033.Cold 034.Hot 035.Easy
036.Hard 037.Soft 038.Ice cream 039.Stress 040.Music
041.Independence 042.Heartless 043.Memory 044.Power 045.Fame
046.Eyes 047.Embarrassment 048.Growth 049.Morning 050.Night
051.Chocolate 052.Leaving 053.Returning 054.Victory 055.Numbers
056.Passion/Obsession 057.Annoyance 058.Boredom 059.Fun 060.Peace
061.War 062.Rules 063.Pictures 064.Doors 065.Holes
066.Loyalty 067.Final 068.Truth 069.Dare 070.Truce
071.Patience 072.Happy 073.Sad 074.Angry 075.Hurt
076.Magic 077.Pride 078.Greed 079.Envy 080.Wrath
081.Darkness 082.Light 083.Intense 084.Lies 085.Creation
086.Destruction 087.Capital 088.Past 089.Future 090.Worry
091.Pain 092.Pleasure 093.Spirit 094.Ocean 095.Consequence
096.Games 097.Writer‘s Choice. 098.Writer‘s Choice. 099.Writer‘s Choice. 100.Writer‘s Choice.

From 15pairings


1. something sweet
2. Pick me up.
3. only playing/pretending
4. Look who's on top!
5. flower(s)
6. elope
7. cherry flavor medicine
8. "Yes! Yes! Yes!"
9. meow~
10. indecent exposure - Anti-Sora/Namine
11. pain
12. between the sheets
13. "What a waste."
14. First come, first serve!
15. Consummation



1. musical chairs
2. triangle
3. stormy
4. roll over
5. "I have to go." - Axel/Cissnei
6. morning after
7. anger
8. silence
9. water
10. "Don't forget!"
11. lost
12. cold
13. stupid smile
14. kiss
15. breakup



1. once upon a time
2. "You've got two choices."
3. separation anxiety - Roxas/Demyx
4. practice makes perfect
5. "Shut up and listen."
6. piggyback ride
7. up close and personal
8. misery loves company
9. photograph
10. together
11. mind games
12. love/hate relationship
13. star gazing - Sora/Kairi
14. friends first, lovers second
15. always a bridesmaid

Hah, I want to do two of the tables so lets see if it happens... from notagain_again

???|Maybe Hetalia?
001.Hurt/Comfort 002.Best friends 003.Matchmaking (A and B are got together by their friends) 004.Love triangle 005.A and B are trapped in a cave/shack/elevator/on a deserted island/etc with nothing to do but each other
006.All of A and B's friends think they're already a couple 007.Games (truth or dare, I've never,
spin the bottle...)
008.A makes a bet with someone else that s/he can win B's affection 009.Need to warm up 010.Aphrodisiac
011.A tries to win B back after a breakup/misunderstanding 012.A walks in on B showering/undressing/
masturbating/otherwise expecting privacy
013.Characters have, or suddenly develop, a psychic/telepathic bond 014.Brought together by holiday 015.A and B are having a secret affai
016.They have kids (somehow: mpreg/adoption/normally 017.Last night on earth 018.A and B must pretend to be a couple when they're not -- only the pretense goes better than they expect 019.Falling in love over the internet 020.A threesome is the solution to a love triangle

KH in general; OT3 main [SoRiKai]
001.Highschool AU 002.Characters have, or suddenly develop, a psychic/telepathic bond 003.Arranged marriages 004.Immortal being falls in love with mortal 005.Painter/writer loses inspiration, meeting special someone helps
006.Vampires 007.Zombies 008.Retelling legends 009.Pirates 010.Body swap
011.A and B find out they are related 012.Back from the dead 013.A discovers a mysterious power/secret about their past 014.A gets sent into the past/future and has to work with someone's parents/children 015.Evil is set free
016.Shapechangers 017.Aliens 018.Werewolves 019.[Outside influence] made them do it 020.AU Rivalry

I'm not sure what table I want yet, but I'll probably get one and start it eventually... fanfic50

From 7rainbowprompts, because my inner artist needs some colour here.

Red Set - fandom: In The Name Of
1. Fool For Love
2. Dance Dance Revolution
3. Strawberries
4. Sweat Out The Fever
5. Ambition
6. Dragon Tattoo
7. To Save A Soul
8. Past Mistakes
9. Courageous
10. Sensuality

Orange Set
1. New World
2. Sunset
3. Oranges
4. Trust In Your Heart
5. Nail Polish
6. Angel Fallen From Above
7. Fallen Leaves
8. Happily Ever After
9. Harvest
10. Never Was, Never Will Be

Yellow Set
1. At Last
2. Bananas
3. Treasure Chest
4. If I Never Knew You
5. Locket
6. Mythological Creatures
7. Sunrise
8. Loyalty
9. Endless Summer
10. Beyond the Horizon

Green Set
1. Fairies
2. Blowing Bubbles
3. Elements
4. Apples
5. Footsteps
6. Christmas Lights
7. Sneaky
8. Broken Promises
9. Don't Fail Me Now
10. Organic

Blue Set - fandom: Hetalia
1. Whispers In The Night
2. Sake Of Love
3. Once In A Blue Moon
4. Overcompensation
5. Starry Nights
6. Blueberries
7. Pirates
8. Wisdom
9. Stubble
10. Welcome Home

Violet Set
1. Books
2. Flights Of Fancy
3. Stranger
4. Paradise
5. Oral Fixation
6. Narcissism
7. Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't
8. Grapes
9. Time To Spare
10. Reflection

Indigo Set
1. Look Over Your Shoulder
2. Ballroom Dancing
3. Mixed Drinks
4. Tie-Dye
5. Wings
6. Immortality
7. Foreign Chocolate
8. Elegance
9. Penguins
10. Suspicious Behavior