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SERIES: Kingdom Hearts
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing.
PAIRING: various throughout the story. Reno, Axel, and Roxas centric.
WORD COUNT: 3 pages
NOTES: Started just because and it's snowballed out of hand. xD

“Uh, yeah…” He said, on the phone. “I’m not going to be able to make it into work today.”

A pause.

“I’m not feeling well, that’s why.”

Another pause.

“No, I didn’t do something stupid and hurt myself, but thanks for the confidence and heart-felt words.” Reno replied with an eye-roll, plopping down on his couch.

“Alright, thanks. I’ll see you tomorrow, partner.” Reno replied happily, Rude could almost hear his grin.

Reno hung up and laid the phone on the couch. He wasn’t messy, he just wasn’t organized. If the phone was put back right away or wasn’t didn’t bother him. He had enough structure and order with ShinRa, he didn’t need it in his home. So he picked up his glass of water on the coffee table from the night before and turned on the television.

He wasn’t sick. He was just feeling an odd, lazy tired. He justified it somehow in his head as he snacked on an apple he had grabbed when he started dialing Rude’s number. He flipped through the channels, looking for something interesting.

A man walked out of his bedroom, less than modestly dressed, and walked over to him.

“Hey, what’re yo- …what are those?” He asked, eyebrows rising in curiosity as he looked at the television.

Reno realized he’d stopped hitting buttons when the redhead walked out, and it was currently on the nature channel. “Those are chocobo. They’re large birds we have out in the grasslands here. We ride them.” Reno supplied, looking back to the television, currently showing a chocobo grazing.

“Riding, eh?” Axel asked, perversion seeping into his words.

“That’s not sexy, they’re birds. Freak.” Reno said, laughing a bit despite himself.

“…They remind me of someone I know.” Axel commented, looking at the screen, now showing young chocobo out with their mother.

“Me too.” Reno said simply, getting up to throw what was left of his apple away and hang up the phone. He was still only wearing his pajama pants.

Axel watched him, not sure how to respond to that. He shrugged it off, preferring not to think about the chance of Roxas look-alikes being a common thing in Midgar. He didn’t need another reason to keep coming to this world. (It was bad enough they sold the cheapest potions and the best liquor, even this early he knew he didn’t need more temptation.)

“So,” Reno started, walking back over, “you ever been to the church in Midgar?” He asked, starting a conversation without trying. It was just part of who he was to want to talk.

“The church?” Axel wondered. He knew some worlds put religion on a higher pedestal than others, but the though of only one church seemed odd to him.

“Yeah, the church. Aerith’s. But by that response you’ve never been. You’d know what I meant if you had.” Reno said casually.

Before Axel could inquire Reno spoke up again. “Want some breakfast?”

“…Sure.” Axel said, not awake enough for the full force of Reno yet. So Reno pushed himself up and sauntered into the kitchen. Axel didn’t know what he’d get, but in the world of Roxas-like birds and single churches he figured he could accept what he got.


He knew he should never have gone to Midgar. Never have hung around and met up with him again. But once it had happened he sort of gave in. Roxas made him feel like he had a heart, and when he got back he knew the guilt would set in and he’d start being really sweet to him, to make up for the things Roxas didn’t know he’d done.

But here he didn’t feel. He could sit in Reno’s messy apartment (well, messy to him) and just be there. He could feel the blanket he was sitting on, he could feel the cold hardwood floor beneath his feel, and he could certainly feel Reno the night before, but he didn’t feel happy, or sad, or excited, or any of those things. He missed it, but he was starting to like how free it was here. No attachments, nothing to get complicated, just feeling in its rawest sense.

He knew Reno was different in all the same ways. The thrill of the feelings, the excitement of the movements, the ecstasy of their touches, Reno seemed to like it all. He was very expressive, and when ever Axel’s mind wasn’t elsewhere it was painfully aware of how empty he really was. The sound of Reno’s voice had more emotion in it then Axel had ever really felt. (Although he knew his mind would change the moment he was home and hugging Roxas and whispering sweet perverted things in the boy’s ear that would either get him held tighter or pushed away, depending on his mood.)

And Reno knew Axel was different. He wasn’t sure how, but he was just out of place. Reno felt as though he had almost taken him in, as if all of the motions they were going through were as innocent as helping a lost child. Perhaps he was, because Axel felt like he was happy but sometimes things got too real and too empty and he needed to be able to forget it all with someone who didn’t make him feel like he had a heart he didn’t have, and who didn’t make him think this too often and rub it in his own face.

Reno never knew he didn’t have emotions. He just thought he was like almost everyone else in the slums; bottled up. He didn’t need any life stories, any heart felt admissions of love or passion, and to be honest if he had gotten either he’d have kicked Axel out and that would have been the end of it. This wasn’t a relationship; he didn’t want it to be. If he thought of it like that then he’d realize how wrong what he was doing actually was. He might realize who he’d be hurting. He was just distracting himself from feeling that.

He sat back down, handing Axel a plate of waffles without a word. He turned up the television and listened to what he already knew about chocobo farms.

Axel concentrated on eating, distracting himself for the feelings yet to come.

They weren’t all that different.

I think that just this is fine on it's own, but I wrote a little more and showed someone, and they demanded more. So I wrote more. Then I showed one more person and they demanded more too. And now said two people want more and I'm already past 10 chapters. xD As long as those two, and anyone else now, keep asking I'll keep writing.