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Current plotbunnies

Well, at the moment I have a few plot bunnies gnawing at my brain.

NamKai - yes, I want to write yuri. It should be no surprise I ship them,[even if I ship SoKaiRi way more] because it's just adorable, but I kiiiinda want to write them together while Namine is still a part of Kairi. I don't know why, I just do.

AkuRoku - I feel that today it just needs to be written. xD I want to write something cute and fluffy, but I'm not sure what yet.

Repliku and Roxas... wait let me explain. I think the idea that they're both not really supposed to exist is something fun to play with... and they both have fake memories. I think it's be fun to write a nice comfort/friendship/etc fic of them, even if they never meet in canon. If they did though I think they could really connect.

XigDem/DemXig - I always want this, either written by me or someone else. I love awkward-and-not-excepting-the-idea-of-him-perhaps-having-feelings Xigbar, and all-too-willing-to-except-it Demyx. [Because as far as Demyx is concerned they so totally do have hearts.] Also, hair braiding. I've written it in Midgar [I should start writing that again...] and I still want more, because omg so cute.

I still kinda want to write a hurt/comfort fic with Xemnas and Axel, but I should probably stop ignoring my Saix/Xigbar first.

I also want to write some creepy!Axel. Better yet, creepy!Axel/Roxas. What a change from cute and fluffy! xD Done, it's HERE.

That's all for now, but trust me, it wont take long for more. Pfft, like I was really going to keep up with this and keep updating this. I get plot bunnies daily. ._.