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I figured that since I plan to eventually post some In The Name Of stuff I should share a little about Annabel, the main character if you will...

Annabel – Mother of Edwin. She is now involved with Vinson. Annabel’s full name is Annabel Langley, although she prefers to go by her given name. Those whom are close to her are encouraged, by her, to call her Anna or Bell, usually Anna. Bell is more of a pet nick name she has with those whom she becomes involved with. She has only one child, and raised him with her husband Marlow. She kept his last name, as they never actually divorced(her original last name was Leigh; pronounced like Lee). He was killed by a disease at the age of 35; when Edwin was 15. Annabel has some natural beauty but is pretty plain looking, if not a bit homely. She has an untracked past, in a sense. She had always felt distant from her parents, and is a bit odd as an adult. She married Marlow when she discovered she was pregnant at the age of 17; Marlow was 20 at the time(she waited a few months to announce their engagement so she was of a more legal age, and married him the same month of her birthday). She raised Edwin until he left for schooling, which is when she found Vinson, although she had been involved in a few small flings in the 4 years Marlow was dead. She cares deeply for people, but she doesn’t get attached easily. Annabel has been with Vinson for a little over 2 years, and while she has decided not to remarry, she takes this relationship almost as seriously as she did her pre-marriage relationship with Marlow.
Annabel is a rather thin woman and pale, thus people have accused her of having an eating disorder or something of the like. She isn’t gaunt, but her size seems unnatural, and she has sharp features. Her pale complexion clashes a bit with her red[natural, not anime] hair. She has brown/hazel eyes. She usually wears simple outfits, and finds it prudent to dress to shock. She makes no reference to religion, finding it a bad subject to talk about, and refuses to delve into her beliefs, or perhaps lack-there-of, on that basis. She is strong for her size, but in general quite weak.

That's just the general stuff I have on a word doc. xD I will say that Annabel is actually pretty fucked up, in her own way. Most of the characters seem to have some issues, to tell the truth. I wont go into it more, as it'll all be spoilers, but I thought having characters in different various mind sets could be fun. I don't have anything worth posting for this yet, but eventually I'll get something posted, I swear! xD

Also, you're probably thinking "That's nice Kiri, but what does the series name mean? In the name of what?" Well that is open for interpretation. I think I few things could fit, so I wont say anything on this matter.